Brand Messaging

Written by
Gabriel N. Elizondo
Published on
September 12, 2023

Every brand has a personality. This is best illustrated by Apple’s 2006 Mac campaign commercials of Mac (depicted by Justin Long) vs PC (represented by John Hodgman) discourse. It was a brilliant move in advertising and an excellent illustration of brand messaging.

In the ad, we see Justin Long, the casual, cool, creative type describing what a Mac can do while John Hodgman, the slightly uptight, serious, business-only-type, rebuttals why PC’s are more efficient. Setting aside the obvious conclusion of which is better, we can take some major notes about why brand messaging is critical to a brand.

Composed of tone (word choice, phrasing), slogans, and overall written or verbal presentation, brand messaging is the second most powerful device to help position a brand in the marketplace (brand identity is the first).

Take a moment and reflect on your brand’s personality if it were a person. Is it a fun loving, over-the-top, colorful, loud type of brand or a serious, professional, distinguished brand of refined taste? Does your brand like to dance like no one is watching or glide along the stage at the New York City Ballet? The reason I’ve listed these descriptions is to show you exactly how powerful messaging can be in writing.

By describing your brand with a few words, readers and consumers suddenly associate a lot more all by themselves. It’s important to know how to associate your brand with the right messaging and not the wrong kind of messaging to avoid confusing your audience and losing vital business.

Brand owners may find themselves in doubt about their word-smithing ability. Oftentimes, brand founders are too busy to remember if their website’s “about” section sounds like the same messaging on their social media platform. Do they match? Do they provide the same tone? If so, is the tone aligned with what your brand offers? Is it worth reading in the first place?

These are the hard questions that the Laura Lian team prides themselves on answering and providing solutions along the way. Our strategic design team brings over 20 years of experience in copywriting, editing, and messaging, to help your brand speak to those who need to hear it.

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