Brand Consistency

Written by
Gabriel N. Elizondo
Published on
November 7, 2023

Social media has arrived and it’s not going anywhere. Whether that’s good news or bad news for you depends on how consistent you are with your brand’s identity and brand’s messaging. These two factors are the powerful duo that influence your audience’s brand perception and position in the marketplace.

In the pre-social media days a brand didn’t have to worry about brand consistency as much as it does today. A solid logo, great slogan, shiny ads, a monthly newsletter, and a good price-point was enough to convince consumers a product was worth their hard earned money.

However, as the digital world took over in the early 21st century, new considerations had to be made. A website became the default requirement to help supplement a brand’s business. A few years later, social media arrived and websites were now supplementing a brand’s social media presence instead of the other way around.

Suddenly, over the course of thirty years, it was no longer good enough to have a solid logo, great slogan, shiny ads, a good price-point, a monthly newsletter, a functional website (many sites still do not function), and a Facebook account. Now, a brand must be consistent across all of these platforms to maintain its brand presence and positioning in the marketplace.

Brand consistency is the determining factor that establishes a brand’s legitimacy.

Today’s consumers are digitally fluent observers with a highly refined intuition for misleading or overlooked details. Most consumers can find inconsistencies in a brand’s presentation which leads to a hardy judgment on that brand’s ability to deliver consistent results in what it offers. If the brand’s website is outdated and its social media platform is neglected, what does that say about the brand or its owners?

At Laura Lian, our Brand Analysis includes a thorough assessment of all platforms and mediums where your brand lives. We take the time to comb through the details of your brand, look at engagement rates, study the data, and determine the best strategic design solution to deliver a consistent experience for your audience.

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