Brand Perception

Written by
Gabriel N. Elizondo
Published on
October 24, 2023

Perception is everything. A profound and utterly true statement, this short phrase sums up the power of proper branding.

A combination of belief and persuasion, brand perception is one of the key performance indicators that a brand’s positioning in the marketplace is successful.

In short, it is how a brand is actually perceived in the minds of their target audience.

Aside from the product or service a brand offers, brand perception is the story an audience tells themselves about the brand. It does not matter if the audience’s perception is true or not because after all, perception is everything.

This can be a major pain-point for so many brand owner’s. Between brand identity, brand awareness, brand messaging, and positioning, it can be easy to get any one of the various factors confused with brand perception. While brand owner’s work on growing their business, managing various teams, keeping customers happy, keeping costs down and profits up while making time to workout three days a week and eat healthy, it’s no wonder how an entire branding effort can begin to slip through the cracks.

The major takeaway here is: brand perception is where value proposition and buying decisions meet each other.

The way a consumer perceives a brand will determine if they decide the brand’s offerings are worth learning more about, purchasing, or even remembering. A brand may spend millions on its research and development, offer highly innovative products, stellar customer service, and hire incredible employees but if their audience thinks the brand is corrupt, they’ll never come around.

The opposite is true as well.

A brand may be corrupt, cut corners, lie, cheat, and steal but if their audience believes them to be the most righteous brand in the marketplace, they’ll buy anything the brand sells, tell their friends about it, and take selfies while doing it.

The Laura Lian Brand Analysis takes the previously mentioned factors into consideration when discovering where your current brand’s perception lives in the marketplace. Experienced strategic design leaders, the Laura Lian team works with brand owners to ensure their efforts, investment, time, and skills align brand perception with the real value a brand has to offer.

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