Brand Culture

Written by
Gabriel N. Elizondo
Published on
November 20, 2023

It’s a big subject to tackle. I’ll keep it brief.

Your brand culture comes from more than just your vision or mission statements.

Brand culture derives from the values that inspired you as the brand owner.

Your passion, your inspiration, your drive to bring whatever it is you envision for your brand to life, and your ability to rally your team to make it happen. It’s every decision you make, every email you send, how you show up to your team in the morning and how you leave them feeling at night.

Brand culture is your responsibility.

And it’s a big one.

When it comes to the various factors in your brand’s success: brand identity, brand awareness, brand perception, positioning, and brand consistency, it's important to acknowledge they should all stem from the brand’s values.

Because, if any of these factors do not stem from your brand’s values, it’s not outrageous to say, your brand might fail.

We here at Laura Lian understand the gravity of brand culture and the weight it carries through influencing your brand’s every step. We take our partnership with you as seriously as we take our own brand culture.

Partnership is our brand culture.

The Laura Lian Brand Analysis takes into consideration how your brand culture is influencing the various factors of your branding efforts as well as the shape of your brand in the years to come. We work in accordance with you to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and authenticity of your brand not only in the eyes of your audience but in the eyes of your team.

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