Case Studies

Real-world examples that illustrate how we've propelled businesses forward through innovative campaigns and customized solutions that deliver game-changing results.

The David Frank Law Group
A multi-tiered integrated marketing plan was implemented across all print and digital brand media. A combination of editorial and testimonial advertising spoke to the client experience provided by The David Frank Law Group. In addition, a full-suite digital relaunch placed the firm’s branding across all smart device, website, desktop and mobile presentations introducing the brand to an entirely new audience.
159% ROI
Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation
Working in collaboration with Laura Lian, the Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation (PACCF) developed and implemented a necessary refresh to their 50 year old brand. A new strategy was implemented in the non-profit’s marketing, placing their mission of serving Polish disabled and handicapped as the centerpiece of their brand. These strategic design efforts leveraged the PACCF’s potential to make a significant difference in the lives of the individuals they serve to spearhead their new found impact while creating new momentum that will bring them into future years.
$1,000,000 ROI
NTL Laboratory + NTL Biotech
NTL Laboratory and NTL Biotech’s efforts in medical design continued with their newest offering: the Aarya i Machine. Brand consistency and positioning were crucial in the introduction of this new product as NTL Laboratory and NTL Biotech expanded in the international market. All sales materials, product, and service designs were created to establish a clear brand presence and value in the brand’s business giving them an advantage they never had before.
100% ROI