NTL Laboratory + NTL Biotech

NTL Laboratory + NTL Biotech

NTL Laboratory and NTL Biotech’s efforts in medical design continued with their newest offering: the Aarya i Machine. Brand consistency and positioning were crucial in the introduction of this new product as NTL Laboratory and NTL Biotech expanded in the international market. All sales materials, product, and service designs were created to establish a clear brand presence and value in the brand’s business giving them an advantage they never had before.


Strategic Development, Brand Identity, Brand Guide, Website, Advertisements, Brochures, Inserts, Events, Tradeshows, Signage, Promotional Items


This medical company saw a 100% return on investment during our partnership.


Medical Laboratory and Biotech Company

"It’s been a pleasure working with Laura Lian. The creative team's feedback and proven performance have been invaluable in helping us improve our organization! They continue to provide value by staying organized, following through on multiple projects, while maintaining effective communication through our company. They have been a huge part in the expansion and marketing brand awareness of NTL Biotech!"

Jeff Salvatini, National Sales & Marketing Director

NTL Biotech

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